Texas Motor Speedway Wants Copyrights Of Photographers

A photographer seeking credentials to shoot at the Texas Motor Speedway reportedly was handed a harsh agreement to sign, which includes a transfer of copyrights to the photos taken there and restricts what the photographer can do with the photos.  It appears that the Speedway has joined other rights grabs in exchange for access.

Specifically, the Agreement states, in pertinent part:

[The Texas Motor] Speedway . . . shall have and own in connection with any race . . . the sole and exclusive right to commercially exploit such Speedway Events or any portion thereof, including. . . and to copyright, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, sell, license of the same for any purpose whatsoever, including . . . alterations and additions to each of the above.  Photographer agrees that Photographer will not reproduce, sell, or otherwise use or exploit any photograph, video . . . without Speedway having given its prior written consent . . . .

Because the Speedway owns the property where photographers want to shoot, it has the right to require photographers sign the agreement before they can get access to the races.  But photographers also have the right to walk away from the deal.

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