Update to Smush.It! Yahoo Responds to Photographer’s Concerns

David Friedman contacted the developers of Smush.it last week to let them know that Smush.it harms photographers and causes inadvertent DMCA violations by people who don’t know better. David reports:

“They were very sensitive to the issue and responded right away, promising that an upcoming revision of Smush.it will strip out extraneous metadata while keeping the copyright metadata intact. In the meantime, they have notified me that Smush.it has been revised so that it now saves ALL metadata, even though it temporarily makes their utility less useful. It should be noted that they have been very receptive to feedback and are being proactive in making sure artists and photographers are not inadvertently harmed by their product. . . . They deserve credit for reacting so quickly and doing the right thing.”

Kudos to David and Yahoo!

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