Forms for Photographers

The right contract can make or break your business.  While hiring an attorney to create a customized contract for your specific needs is best, it can be expensive. But now you can get customizable contracts and release forms in Microsoft Word created by the Photo Attorney specifically for photographers. Choose from the following forms:

  1.  Adult Model Release
  2.  Copyright Infringement Cease & Desist/Demand Letter
  3.  Copyright Transfer Form
  4.  DMCA Takedown Notice
  5.  Independent Assistant Photographer
  6.  Liability Release & Arbitration Agreement
  7.  Minor Model Release
  8.  Portrait Session Contract
  9.  Property Release
  10. Stock Photography License with Terms and Conditions
  11. Wedding Photography Contract
  12. Settlement Agreement for Copyright Infringement Claims

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Unsolicited reviews of the Photo Attorney® forms and books:

“Thanks so much for making these available! I especially appreciate that they’re short and to the point — I hate forms that are excessively long and I find that people are very leery about signing them, too.  Yours are clear and yet cover what needs to be covered. And the price is negligible — I would have expected to pay much more.”  Scott Hargis of Scott Hargis Photography

“Carolyn delivered a customizable and to the point property release form in a quick matter of time. I was able to send it to a client the night I ordered it. Thanks Carolyn.” Dwayne Fonville Real Estate Photographer

“I will definitely tell every photographer I know about your website and blog and recommend that they consider buying these forms from you, and also both of your books.  All of these things are really great and you are providing a huge service to photographers everywhere by making these available, and at such incredibly great prices!”  Stan Brewer of Stan Brewer Photography

“Thank you! These forms are an excellent value!”  Donald Snyder of Shutter Speed

Photographer’s Legal Guide

by Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.

First Edition, Updated
Copyright 2006, Updated in 2010
ISBN 978-0-9790353-0-2 / 0-9790353-0-9
Perfect Bound Paperback C1S Cover 6″ x 9″, 128 Pages
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What’s being said about the “Photographer’s Legal Guide”:

“Carolyn Wright’s book is an essential tool for any professional (or aspiring professional) who needs to navigate the tricky legal issues in the business of photography. In clear, concise prose, she explains and simplifies the issues of rights and releases, and deciphers the “legal-ese” of contracts and other important legal issues into plain and simple language. Her background in law and her exceptional photographic work make her a unique resource in this business: a great legal mind with a wonderful photographer’s eye.”Bob Krist, contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler and Outdoor Photographer

“Carolyn Wright’s book is designed to acquaint you with all the basic formalities of running a photography business. This is a book that every photographer who is even considering selling their images should have!” Ellen Anon, freelance photographer and co-author of Aperture Exposed, The Mac Photographers Guide to Taming the Workflow, and Photoshop for Nature Photographers

“Carolyn’s writing style is easy to read and not full of ‘Law-talk.’ There is plenty to learn for a photographer in the business for 10 years (such as myself), and invaluable for someone completely new.” David Beckstead, International Wedding Photographer

“. . . a well done job with ‘Photographer’s Legal Guide.’  It literally answered just about every question I had.”  John L. Dengler, Outdoor Photographer

“Just a quick note to say thank you again for your book.  I’ve finally read it through – a great read and packed with valuable information.”  John T. Fowler

 “. . . thanks for writing the Photographer’s Legal Guide. I purchased it a while back and often go back to it, it’s priceless!”  Elena Sbrana

“Loving your book!  Easy to understand, a must for someone new in business and perfect for those of us who need an update with the changing times.  Will definitely recommend to other photographers.” Trina Jones

Captivating Wildlife

with photos by Carolyn E. Wright and others

Captivating Wildlife

149 pages
ISBN 0976187833 / 978-0976187837
Perfect Bound 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.4 inches

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