Support the CASE Act (small claims court for creators)

From the Copyright Alliance:

Join the copyright community in asking your Congressional Representative to cosponsor H.R. 3945, the CASE Act of 2017, a bill that would create a copyright small claims court for creators and small businesses (It’s quick and easy to do!)

For many photographers, illustrators, authors, songwriters and other creators who own copyrighted works, enforcing their rights is not feasible. Litigation is expensive and many creators simply can’t afford it. In effect, the U.S. copyright system currently provides creators with rights but no effective remedies.

It’s vital that Congress hear from creators like you on the importance of creating a small claims court. Please contact your Representative today to ask him/her to support H.R. 3945 by asking them to cosponsor the bill. We have provided a sample letter that you can send (but feel free to modify it or use your own). The important thing is to let your voice be heard on this critical issue.

To send your letter, please click here. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you’ll be benefiting the entire creative community by supporting H.R. 3945!

Thanks for your support!

The Copyright Alliance

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